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Commissioning a Portrait of your Pet

Gracie,the Chihuahua-Poodle cross

Richard and Duffy

Chico and Sadie

Flight of Fancy

Reeses and Hershey






Flyer and Worthy


Hello! Welcome to my Pet Portrait page!
Here are some examples of Pet Portraits that I have painted and also everything I can think of that you need to know before you commission a portrait of your furry friend or friends. If I have forgotten anything, please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Thank you.

Ordering A Custom Portrait Of Your Pet

Custom Portraits from Photos:

Each commissioned portrait order includes:
* One subject painted unless otherwise specified.
* A color field background unless otherwise specified.
* Depending on the composition, portraits begin at approximately 5 X 7, and can be vertical, horizontal or square.
* A simple 5 X 7 portrait of a single pet with a color field background begins at 200.00.
Additional pets, realistic/imaginative backgrounds and / or decorative borders are additional. Prior to beginning your portrait, we will discuss everything you’d like and what you can expect, and at what cost.
* An emailed scan of the commissioned work will be sent to you immediately upon completion.
* Turnaround time will generally be about 3 weeks. If you need a portrait in less time, for a birthday or other holiday, an additional rush fee of 35.00 will be added.
* Complete professional attention and detail to your special project.

Ordering on-line made easy:

1. Send me an inquiry email stating that you are interested in commissioning a portrait.
2. Fill out the Love Unleashed order form at the bottom of this blog with your descriptive information and submit it to me, or alternately, let me know and I will email you the form that you may then submit.
3. Email me high-resolution jpeg images of your pet(s).
4. Finally, send the deposit of 1/2 of the artist fee via PayPal or a credit card via PayPal at the button on the left or at my blog, Eleven Lemons
5. I will work on your portrait. Within about 3 weeks, I will e-mail you a scan, before shipping.
At this time you will send the remaining balance due on your portrait. Your painting will be shipped to the requested location within 3-4 business days. I will take care of postage.
6. Your painting sent. Happiness

I accept on-line credit card payments using Pay Pal, as well as payments from checking accounts via PayPal.

Tips for Photographing your Pets

Capturing Your Pet’s Eyes:

It is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When photographing your pet, be sure to capture a clear and detailed view of your pet’s eye. The better the coloring and clarity of your pet’s eyes is captured in a photograph, the more accurately I will be able portray your pet’s true essence through their eyes in the portrait. Capturing the pet’s eye is what gives the painting its soulful quality. You will know it is unmistakably your pet when you see their eyes in their portrait.

Lighting is everything:

Your pet’s natural coloring is as important as their personality! Try to take the picture in a well-lit area, such as the outdoors, especially on a bright overcast day, or in a sunlit room. Keep the sun behind your back and watch out for shadows (especially your own)! Make sure your pet is comfortable in the environment. If they are calm, it will be much easier to capture the expression you want.

Positioning Your Subject:

If you want to have your subject looking up, take the picture from above. If your subject is lying down and you want to be exactly on that level, lie down in front of them. Get creative!
The photo is your own and you can add as much variety as you wish! This is a great bonding experience so have fun!!!


If you desire, a border can be painted around your portrait for an additional fee. This can be anything you desire from catnip mice to dog bones, a Holiday motif of holly and evergreens or a ribbon with your pet’s name. This is your portrait and I can add whatever personal or whimsical touches you can think of. Have fun!


My basic pet portrait’s background is simply color. If you like any background can be added as a setting for your painting. This can be your pet’s bed and toys, your yard, or a favorite vacation spot. Please email a photo of this background along with your pet’s photos if your pet is not in this background already.
If you desire, in the case of a Memorial Portrait, your pet may be shown with Angel Wings, and even painted, seated on a cloud.
This is your painting, and although painted from a photo, it can be any way you’d like.

About Your Scan:

A preview of the painting will be sent via email on final completion of the work. This scan will give you a good idea of what your final painting will look like. Your painting will contain more detail than can possibly be shown on the web. It should also be noted that all computer monitors are not calibrated the same. Very slight differences in color may occur due to the wide range of monitors.
Feel free to share your on-line proof with your friends by forwarding the e-mail sent to you.

Memorial Portraits

I can also work from available photographs of beloved deceased pets.

I understand and honor the special bond and love between pets and their humans and I am dedicated to doing the very best work possible for each of you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Love, Wendy Edelson


perfect! I opened your email at work and when I saw the portrait a huge
smile came over my face. That's our Sherlock.... the look you captured
on his face is classic. We will enjoy this very much."

Shiloh and Sofia

"These portraits. These took my breath away. Seeing these perfect renderings of my kids brings tears to my eyes, and I can't thank you enough."
In every way, painting these have brought me great happiness.”

"Thank you so much for the puppy portrait. I was in tears after I saw it as it is so wonderful. You did capture his personality.
Take care and know that you are very good at capturing the essence of your subjects, not just replicating them...what a talent you have."

Flyer & Worthy
“This couldn't be anymore amazing and awesome.
You do incredible work and it must bring you so
much satisfaction that your talent brings happiness to so many people.
Thanks you so, so much!

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